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How we look after your students and trainees?


Initial Assessment

We’ll assess your needs, your sponsored student’s or trainee’s capabilities, and work out the courses that best suit your organization.


Application & Placement

We deal with all applications to educational institutions for academic, vocational and training programs, English language courses and sponsored undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Once students have received offers for their chosen courses, the sponsor or the student can decide how to proceed.


Visa Assistance

We’ll explain exactly what paperwork is needed to get a student visa, offering support and advice. We can even assist in filling out student’s visa application forms.



We can book and organize all travel, from flights to airport transfers. Students can be collected from any airport and taken where they need to go, to ensure the minimum worry for both student and sponsor.



We can give guidance for the types of accommodation available to students and take care of all applications for it.


Progress Reports

We can offer a full reporting system for each student, where we monitor their progress and supply you with attendance reports.



All students studying through Sc Pinnsole Solutions Srl will be allocated a personal supervisor to guide, support and check up on them. Our supervisors monitor their progress, provide peace of mind, and can also act as financial managers.



We make sure all students studying overseas are comprehensively covered in their time abroad, and can offer flexible packages depending on our client’s requirements.

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