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We offering Student Consultaiton service

We are culturally sensitive and linguistically capable higher education marketing consultants and business analysts. We work to understand your institution’s non-domestic recruitment needs and form actionable plans to increase international student enrollments.

Arranging Internships and work placements in leading organizations is a complex undertaking, particularly when crossing international borders. It requires impressive communication skills and contacts with major corporations who offer such placements.

If you succeed in guaranteeing a placement you are increasing your employ-ability chances. The job market is exciting but there are many candidates for the same post. If you have an internship on your CV, you show that you are better skilled and have hands on working experience with real projects. You show you already have an understanding of the industry and can start work on the day one.

We can assist in finding internships in countries renowned for outstanding reputation in Engineering, Medical, Hospital Management, Hotel, Tourism and Hospitality management.

Sc Pinnsole Solutions Srl offers an international recruitment service for the international education sector. We specialize in recruiting academic staff for overseas educational institutions, providing everything from primary school teachers to university lecturers or administrative professionals.

An institution is only as good as the professionals delivering the courses. We understand the importance of outstanding standards in learning and teaching. We have high expectations of the educators we help to appoint. We demand them to be talented, enthusiastic, inteligent and passionate. This is the standard we promise you, as it is the standard we would want for our own children.

We can also provide qualified PhD Professors to supervise your students undergraduate and postgraduate final year dissertations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Sc Pinnsole Solutions Srl works with many organizations around the world. We provide personal and professional expertise in international education and training. We are especially experienced in managing sponsored students who are studying abroad.

We work with our international clients to offer large-scale educational solutions. Our services include:

  • Booking academic and vocational courses
  • Managing overseas students and scholarships
  • Co-ordinating English language courses
  • Educational staff recruitment
Our global education consultancy provides easy and effective educational solutions. All our services are specifically tailored to meet our client’s needs.
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